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555US is a web and mobile application or app or software known as zipcode generator that allows users to generate US Zip Codes, US Postal Codes and US Maps for selected State, City or County easily and instantaneously.

555US simplify the process of finding US Zip Code, US Postal Code and US Maps by compiling all codes in a single select interface known as 555us zipcode generator and displaying them instantly based on selection of US City, US State or US County.

What is Zip Code

The term ZIP code is used to refer to a system of postal codes that are used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) since the early 1963. The term ZIP, which is an acronym for the "Zone Improvement Plan", is always properly written in capital letters and was selected to suggest that the mail travels more correctly and efficiently, and therefore more quickly, when the senders make use of the code that is in the postal address.

The basic format of a ZIP code is made up of five decimal numerical digits. An extended ZIP+4 are codes that was introduced in the late 1980s, which includes the five digits of the ZIP code, a hyphen(-), and four extra digits that would denote a more precise location than you can get when using the ZIP code alone. The word ZIP code was primarily registered as a servicemark (which is a kind of trademark) of the United States. Postal Service, but their registration has long since expired. 

ZIP codes shows only delivery points that are within the United States and their dependencies, as well as the locations of their armed forces. There are no ZIP codes that are kept as reserve for sending out mail that are bound for foreign destinations  and therefore, international mails should not have a ZIP code written in their delivery address. It is Important to note that the last line of a foreign address must only show the name of the country that it is to be delivered to.

What is Postal Code

A postal code is a list of letters or numbers or letters and numbers joined together, sometimes thy would include spaces and punctuations that is included in a postal address for the sole purpose of sorting out the mail.

On February 2005, 117 countries out of the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union had their own postal code systems.

The development of postal codes shows clearly the increasing complexity of postal delivery as the population grew and the built environment keep getting more complex. This happened first in large cities. Postal codes began with regular postal district numbers (or postal zone numbers) within large cities. London was first that was subdivided into 10 districts in 1857 and Liverpool in was also subdivided in 1864. By the fall of World War I, such postal district or zone numbers existed in several large European cities and they existed in the USA at least in the early 1920s, implemented at the local post office level only.

By 1930 or before then, the idea of further extending postal district or zone numbering plans goes beyond large cities to cover even smaller towns and rural locales was in the air. These developed to become postal codes as they are defined today. The name of US postal codes, which is "ZIP codes", reflects this evolutionary growth from a zone plan to a zone improvement plan, shortened to as ZIP. Modern postal codes was the first to be introduced in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic by December 1932, but the system was abandoned by the start of 1939.


Terms Used in Zip Code or Postal Code:

  1. CAP: This is the standard word in Italy; CAP stands as the acronym for Codice di Avviamento Postale (which means "postal expedition code").
  2. CEP: This is the standard word in Brazil; CEP is the acronym for the Código de Endereçamento Postal (which means "postal addressing code").
  3. Eircode: This is the standard term of ZIP in Ireland.
  4. NPA in the French speaking Switzerland citizens (numéro postal d'acheminement) and the Italian-speaking Switzerland (numero postale di avviamento). 
  5. PIN: This is the standard term in India; PIN is the acronym for Postal Index Number. Sometimes redundantly refered to as a PIN code.
  6. PLZ: The standard term in Austria, Germany, German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein; PLZ is an abbreviation of the word "Postleitzahl" which means postal routing number.
  7. Postal code: This is the general word that is used in Canada.
  8. Postcode: This word is popular in almost all the English-speaking countries in the world and it is also the standard term in the Netherlands and in African countries.
  9. PSČ: This is the standard term in Slovakia and Czech Republic; PSČ is the acronym for the Poštové smerovacie číslo (in Slovak) or Poštovní směrovací číslo (in Czech), both of them meaning the postal routing number.
  10. ZIP code: This is the standard term in the United States and in the Philippines; ZIP is the acronym for the Zone Improvement Plan. 


How To Find US Zipcode

It’s not very difficult to find US Zip Code or US PostCode. The most definite requirement is the proper location name such US State, City or County you want to find, then locate 555us.net to start searching by simply selecting State or City as preferred. Moreover, it’s also possible to find it out by clicking the specific point on the map showing on the result box.

However, searching for the ZIP Code with a state only might not help you, as a state encompasses multiple City ZIP Codes. You have to select state and then select corresponding city or county for accurate result. To Start your search, click here >> US Zip Code or US Postal Code

Nonetheless, if you are searching for a place other than in the United States, you must check with the correct postal code or zip code in that country.

555US ZIPCODE Generator provides the following on search:

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